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The Trumping of the Political Class: A New Age of Politics, Power and Media Influence?

“His victory is an unmistakable rejection of a system that simply isn’t working for most people.”
Jeremy Corbyn, on Donald Trump

We live in an unprecedented political age. The very things that were deemed impossible by the political and media ‘establishment’ have taken place in front of our eyes: the rise of the SNP in Scotland; Brexit; Jeremy Corbyn twice taking the leadership of the Labour Party; and now Donald Trump winning the US elections.

In response to the US election result, People’s PPE has organised an emergency ‘Question Time’ style event to explore the causes and future implications of a Trump Presidency.

Our distinguished guest panel, chaired by Professor Natalie Fenton (Goldsmiths), will include:

  • Jon Snow (Channel 4 News)
  • Rachel Shabi (Columnist, Guardian)
  • John Redwood MP (Conservative, Wokingham)
  • Beth Foster Ogg (National Officer, Momentum)
  • Peter Oborne (Politics Editor, Daily Mail)
  • Salman Farsi (Press Officer, East London Mosque)

We expect a wide ranging Q & A. Topics for discussion will include:

  • Trump, Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the US elections
  • ‘Establishment’ and ‘anti-establishment’ politics
  • The role of the media in democracy
  • Politicians, truth and media bias
  • Jeremy Corbyn and the future of the Labour party
  • Brexit

Tickets are FREE and open to all.

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