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Psychedelic Gong Bath

‘A psychedelic experience without psychedelics'.

As you lie on a mat on the floor, gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, ritual musical instruments and overtone singing are used to weave a tapestry of sound.

The vibrations create a feeling of being 'bathed' or carried away into space, with participants variously reporting subtle or powerful bodily sensations, a deep meditative state often accompanied by rich imagery and visions, or feelings of timeless nothingness and bliss.

During the session, brainwaves are altered to a state that is self-healing, and has balancing benefits on the body and mind. Occasionally some sounds might trigger unpleasant and suppressed emotions that flow up to the surface — please accept these feelings as part of a healing process. In most cases the overall experience is very relaxing, with participants leaving refreshed and recharged for a few days after the session.


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Psychedelic Gong Bath
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The Stoke Newington Opera Cabaret